Amateur Magazine Interviews ASVP

Amateur Magazine interviews ASVP

Please introduce yourself.
Hi, We’re ASVP.

What does ASVP stand for?
That’s the first thing that everyone wants to know but we keep that to ourselves.

Can you remember the first artwork you put on the streets? When and where was it?
The first thing I put on the streets was a tag on a racquetball court at my high school. That was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

How do you produce the work that you post on the street?
Every piece on the street is made completely by hand. Everything is hand-screened, hand painted and hand-cut.

Do you get the same feeling when you go out on the streets today as you got then?
No way. Never could. For us the time and energy we’ve spent making and sharing our work has had a cumulative effect on our perspective of many things. For example now when we’re headed home after a night of pasting and we see all of the good folks of the world scurrying past us.

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